Advent of the journey

K C Pandey Aeronautical Engineer
Mr. K. C. Pandey
Chief Air Artificer-Indian Navy

Krishna Chandra Pandey is a visionary who chose to carve his own distinctive path in life.

The journey started in the 1960s when a young boy with ambitious eyes and fire in his belly set out in the world to mark his existence. Born in Gonda city of Uttar Pradesh (India) to an educated family, KC Pandey struggled with the loss of his father at the tender age of 6. As a result, the family was forced to move back to its native village owing to the financial hardship that followed the sudden tragedy.

This change in his family’s situation left KC facing limited career options due to the lack of educational resources in his hometown and absolutely no time for trial and error. Daring to think out of the box and deciding to beat the odds, the patriotic young man dreamt of joining the Indian Navy to serve his country and make a mark in the society. KC’s father was a Police Officer, and thus the urge to serve the nation existed in his genes. This ambition was transformed into reality at the age of 17 years (1978) when he was recruited in the prestigious Indian Navy as a direct entry and later trained as a Naval Engineer (Aeronautical).

During his career as an Aeronautical Engineer, KC was posted in the state of Maharashtra (India) very often. His stay in the Deccan Plateau region of this treasure trove of minerals instigated a rare novel hobby in him, and he began to collect Zeolite Minerals (rocks). During his leisure time KC rode down to the nearby quarries to collect and buy rocks in order to quench the desire sparked by his ‘strange hobby’ as it was usually referred to in those days and is even today. As his interest in this hobby developed, he began to travel more extensively around the mineral rich areas of Maharashtra in order to learn more about zeolites.

After retiring from the Indian Navy (in uniform) in 1993, KC had two career paths before him; first being to continue as an Aeronautical Engineer in the private sector where there was high demand for his skills owing to the astounding growth the aviation industry was enjoying in those years, or to make his hobby of mineral hunting and collecting a full time business. The second option, though much to his liking, was a difficult choice as making a definite living through it was very uncertain. Being a trained soldier, with immense fighting spirit imbued within him, KC took an immensely dicey but life changing decision that defied stereotypes, by choosing to convert his hobby and passion for mineral and rock collection into a living.

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