From Trials to Triumph

Venturing in the business of Minerals and Zeolites in the capacity of an amateur involved undertaking tremendous effort to learn and understand the very low profile market, as the traditional mineral traders of that era kept this profession very secretive in order to restrict new entrants. Going through his fair share of highs and lows, KC turned out to be a swift learner and soon registered his first export company named “Superb Minerals India Pvt Ltd” to export and participate in the International Gem & Mineral Shows, which were organised in various countries across the world.

With no previous business model of any kind to replicate, KC’s blueprint for mineral trading set the benchmark for the industry’s development in India. The decision of exporting these minerals to foreign markets was taken considering the price exploitation by the traditional traders and the unfortunate lack of a domestic market and knowledge of Indian Zeolite Minerals.

A group of quarry workers at a Quarry in Jalgaon, India
A mine fresh geod of Apophyllite & Stilbite just excavated at a Quarry in Jalgaon, India

Decades of hard work and dedicated commitment towards his pursuit proved more fruitful than everybody’s expectations, and soon KC emerged as the leading exporters of Indian Zeolites in the world. His unique concept and distinctive approach towards the business elevated it to new heights of success. Thanks to his devoted team which now also included his Brother, Maternal Uncle and two Sons, undertook mineral hunting with gusto, his name was now regularly featured amongst the top listed mineral collectors and dealers globally.

India Pride
KC receiving “The Pride of India Award” by The Indo-American Friendship Society, from the hand of Mr.Peter Kaestner (Then: US Consulate General, New Delhi)
Mr.K.C.Pandey addressing the Mineral enthusiasts at the Munich Gem & Mineral Show 2009 in Germany.

During this whole process of growing and expanding, KC made sure the uneducated and unrewarded domestic suppliers of his Zeolite Minerals got the right price and the credit they deserved. Subsequently, being a law abiding citizen KC made sure he kept his practices transparent and paid appropriate taxes and mining royalty to the Government when required. He bid conventional methods a firm adieu in order to convert mineral buying in India into an open market.