Nature’s Charismatic Craftsmanship

kc-pandey-pg10These rare collectibles (Zeolites) are seldom found and thus financial viability of mining for them is low. Considering the economic restraints projected in the near future, the extraction of Zeolites is slated to be moving towards extinction in coming years. This trend will translate into an immense increase in the level of rarity and value of these precious zeolite minerals.

With materialism and the chaos it brings in its wake wreaking havoc the world over, people are now increasingly being attracted back towards nature for an enhanced life. These minerals represent a reservoir and treasure of natural cosmic energy that is approximately 65-250 million years old, with unique spellbinding beauty which has been fashioned perfectly by nature’s craftsmanship.

Unlike popular gemstones and metals such as diamonds, emeralds, ruby, topaz, platinum, gold, silver, sapphire, opal, coral etc. which have become the conventional choices for jewellery designing, these Zeolites are not subjected to polishing, shaping or processing of any sort. Free of any external colour infusion or artificial handling, these zeolite minerals come to you in their purest form. There sheen is completely natural, having been cleaned only using water. Zeolite Minerals as created by nature are distinguished from each other in terms formation, colour and shape, thus making them impossible to imitate. These Zeolite Minerals therefore possess an exclusive utility for ardent nature aficionados who believe in the supremacy, splendour, creativity and dexterity of Mother Nature.