Splendidly Supernatural

Zeolites are alchemical combination of the four basic elements – air, earth, water and fire. It is a well-researched and documented fact that natural Zeolite minerals emit cosmic energy that can be put to numerous uses, not only are they contain powers that can help your psychological positivity, they also act as spiritual supporters in treatment of illnesses such as insomnia and disorders of the nervous system, while aiding greatly in detoxification of mind and body and spiritual awakening. These metaphysical properties have made them extremely popular with practitioners of alternative healing. The natural pyramidical shape of these minerals makes them an amalgamation of enormous energy. The aura of any living space can be modified by the placement of these stunning natural stones. Zeolites are highly acclaimed and recommended as venerable accessories to beautify corporate establishments like offices, galleries, studios etc. and home interiors, considering their splendid natural formation, colour, diversity, infrequency, antiquity and positive cosmic powers.

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