Stride to the Prospect

These initiatives taken by KC on a personal scale welcomed mammoth amount of respect, appreciation and applause from both domestic and international visitors and readers. With most museums around the globe constructed, managed or operated by Governments and Councils or by obtaining their support in the form of donations, grants, various subsidies and tax benefits, a private commercial museum establishment of Gargoti’s stature, which was conceptualized and operated in a personal capacity – with no external or Governmental support – was highly prized and venerated by all.

Mr.K.C.Pandey received the prestigious “Pride of India Award” by the Indo-American Friendship Club, from the hands of Hon.Mr.Peter Krestner (Then: Consulate General of US Embassy, New Delhi)


Joel Bartch, President Houston Museum ofNatural Science, TX USA

Mr. George E. Harlow
Curator, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences,
Division Of Physical Sciences


Following the triumph of these ventures, K.C. Pandey has now dared to envision a chain of Natural History Museums in the key tourist cities of India. The main principle behind the initiative still remains that of educating people and spreading knowledge about the marvellous yet neglected Natural Heritage of Mother Earth.

The proposed Gargoti Natural History Museum, Shirdi- India

KC is working hard to gather all his resources in order to fulfil his biggest dream till date of setting up a Natural History Museum in the globally famous holy town of His Almighty Shri Sai Baba in Shirdi, Ahmednagar (District of Maharashtra) which is one of the 5 most visited tourist town in India, witnessing a colossal crowd of devotees from all walks of life (Rags to Riches). Shirdi also attracted the attention of this project because of its humongous lodging structure which comprises accommodation of all kinds – from luxury to budget motels – which seeks to provide for the continuous flow of devotees visiting the Shrine throughout the year. KC himself is traditionalist devotee of Shri Sai Baba and served as a Trustee of Shri Sai Baba Sanstan, Shirdi (Government appointment) for approximately 8 years which is the second largest temple trust of India. This project would be the biggest in the world in terms of rarity, quality and quantity of minerals specimens and handicrafts from around the world. The Gargoti Natural History Museum, Shirdi will have a broader approach to the realms of National, International and Natural Heritage – along with offering a cultural mix of entertainment (Spiritual and Divine), education, meditation, research and knowledge. The work towards KC’s dream project has already commenced on his prime located 9 acre property in Shirdi.